Daniel Cros

«Escucho el rumor de las olas susurrando en la caracola: aquello era entonces, esto es ahora» (Nunca nada volverá a ser lo mismo)


  • Presentation of "Sed de Viaje" in Barcelona - 21st March

    We will be presenting the new album in Luz de Gas venue with wonderful musicians and special guests: Kilema (Madagascar) Mane Ferret (Cuba), Matías Costa (Argentina), Esteban Monge (Costa Rica), Ángel Petisme and María Rodriguez-Rey (Spain). Tickets...
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  • New videoclip of "Brindo porque sí"

    The video tells the true story of Daniel, who lives with his mother (Araceli) and his dog (Danyer) on the outskirts of Medellín. When he was 7, Daniel was hit by a bus on his way to school and lost his right leg because of the accident. With much effort,...
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  • Kilema

    How lucky I feel to have been able to work along with this incredible malgache musician with whom we have embarked on a new project. Check out our collaboration on "Ça Va"
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  • Sed de Viaje: in stores on january 14th 2019

    Meanwhile we will be releasing a single per month in the main digital outlets: 11/11/18 Ça Va? with Kilema (Madagascar) 12/12/18 Brindo Porque Sí with Pala (Colombia) 01/01/19 Sed de Viaje
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  • "Empezó a Nevar" 1st single of the new album

    "Empezó a Nevar" (It started to Snow) tells the story of two beings who meet chating online and decide to take a step forward and meet in person. Something so simple but also so exciting and risky. The song we shared it with argentinian folk singer Sebas...
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