Daniel Cros

« (...) Deeply romantic songwriting, with a characteristic voice tone which would identify him among a thousand».- Interfolk Magazine

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  • Las Palmeras y el Viento

    After a long process I have reached the title and the concept of my new album: Why do palm trees resist hurricanes so well? They are thin, slender and sometimes so tall that they remain unchanged in...
  • El Susurro, new streaming platform

    These last weeks I have been inmersed in participating in the creation of El Susurro, a new live music platform to stream artists from all abroad. Check it out (info in spanish...
  • Première "Ça va?" videoclip

    Shooted between Las Palmas de Gran canaria and Barcelona, with choreographies by Ivory Coast dancer Chantal Tahou and dancers Marcel Zamble and Senait Ciller and with the collaboration of Madagascar...
  • Mar no hay más que una Tour

    Good day! My next tour in Costa Rica and Colombia already has a name: "Mar no hay más que una" (One sea). I will announce dates and venues shortly.

Upcoming concerts

  • 26-01-2024 | L’Hospitalet | El Viejo Piano | 21:00 |