Daniel Cros

«Que no me quiten el aire de mar, que no me falte la sal en la piel» (Aire de mar)


  • Sed de Viaje

    2019 Rosazul

    Ninth studio album

    Track Title Rhythm Lyrics
    1. Andar -lyrics-
    2. La Ventana Indiscreta -lyrics-
    3. Sed de Viaje
    4. El Día Menos Pensado
    5. Incluso esto pasará
    6. Ça Va?
    7. Empezó a Nevar -lyrics-
    8. La Rueda de la Fortuna -lyrics-
    9. Brindo porque sí
    10. La Vie en Bleu
  • No Más Canciones Tristes

    2016 Rosazul

    (...) en el caso de Daniel Cros la atracción de la que antes hablaba, destaca en todas y en cada una de sus canciones, alcanzando -al menos para mí- niveles de irresistible seducción. Las canciones de Daniel rebosan alma, latido, vida vivida, lágrimas, soledades, palabras con sabor dulce y salado, derrotas, amores curativos y saludables, contradicciones e incluso insensatas cobardías que amordazan al corazón y atan el aire libre que nos ayuda a vivir. - Fernando González Lucini

    Track Title Rhythm Lyrics
    1. No Me Falles Tú
    2. Jamás Me Curaré (Ranchera)
    3. Mi Moto (Swing)
    4. No Más Canciones Tristes (Bolero)
    5. Lágrimas de Viento
    6. Meus Olhos (Bossa-nova)
    7. De Todos los Bares del Mundo
    8. A la Vera del Río Soledad
    9. Suéltame Pasado
    10. Sin Darnos Cuenta
    11. Que venís, que te vas
  • Aquello era entonces, esto es ahora

    2013 Rosazul

    'Aquello era entonces, esto es ahora' (That was then, this is now) is Daniel Cros's seventh album. After touring Mexico and showcasing at the Feria de Musica in Guadalajara, Daniel entered into the studio to record 11 new songs combining Spanish rhythms such as rumba and pasodoble with caribbean rhythms such as cha cha cha and son which he learned in Havana, spiced up by sometimes funny, sometimes deeply emotional strong lyrics. A unique Barcelonean Chansonier.

    Track Title Rhythm Lyrics
    1. Fortuna de haberte conocido (Fanfarria) -lyrics-
    2. Dejar la piel (Balada) -lyrics-
    3. Palante (Rumba) -lyrics-
    4. Nunca nada volverá a ser lo mismo (Balada pop) -lyrics-
    5. Una noche oriental (Cha cha cha) -lyrics-
    6. Sangre del sur (Son) -lyrics-
    7. Como caido del cielo (Pasodoble) -lyrics-
    8. Siempre es demasiado tiempo -lyrics-
    9. Ya no muero por ti (Caballo) -lyrics-
    10. Tinta invisible -lyrics-
    11. Este loco agosto en pleno mes de abril (Son) -lyrics-
    12. Fortuna (reprise)
  • Las vueltas que da la vida

    2010 Rosazul

    "Las vueltas que da la vida" joins a selection of 12 songs that represent 12 key moments in the artist's career, songs which he has re-recorded at Rosazul studio with his quartet. His percussion studios in Havana, studies on songwriting in the US, his meeting with La Vieja Trova Santiaguera and his work with cuban musicians in Barcelona are some of this moments that illustrate the chosen songs.

    Track Title Rhythm Lyrics
    1. En la palma de mi mano (cha cha cha)
    2. De par en par (bolero)
    3. Cuando te cruces en mi camino (Son)
    4. Con este canto (bolero)
    5. Siempre nos quedará París (salsa)
    6. Tan lejos, tan cerca (balada)
    7. Aire de mar (Catalán) (balada)
    8. Mi tambor (guaguancó)
    9. Angel venido a mi ventana (balada)
    10. Mi corazón está desierto de Arizona (pop)
    11. La rosa azul (tango)
    12. Más y más y un poco más (ranchera)
  • Aire de Mar

    2006 Rosazul

    "Aire de Mar" is Daniel Cros' 4th album, where he is accompanied by a magnificient quintet of Cuban musicians. The songs are based on Afro- Latin rythms such as guaguancó, merengue, danzon, cha-cha, bolero and tango, following their original pattern and complemented with jazz improvisation touches. In "Aire de Mar", Daniel's voice -recognized for its own personality and depth -, provides the 13 songs included in the album with high expressivity. Due to their simplicity, all songs point straight to the heart, within a warm and intimate atmosphere which contrasts with the powerful Cuban band accompaining him. A fresh album which communicates the energy of live performances and puts the artist in the spotlight.

    Track Title Rhythm Lyrics
    1. Obertura (Son)
    2. Siempre nos quedará París (Son) -lyrics-
    3. Aire de Mar (Balada) -lyrics-
    4. De par en par (Blues) -lyrics-
    5. Sed (cha cha cha) -lyrics-
    6. Manita de plata (Guaracha) -lyrics-
    7. Una de cal (Guaguancó) -lyrics-
    8. La tramuntana m'ha trastocat (Danzón) -lyrics-
    9. Por arte de magia (Merengue)
    10. Una botella llamada consuelo (Cha cha cha) -lyrics-
    11. Cuatro colores (Bolero) -lyrics-
    12. Luna mentirosa (Afro) -lyrics-
    13. La rosa azul (Tango) -lyrics-
  • Por arte de magia

    2000 ROSAZUL

    "Catrá, catrá, cotró, cotró: así resuena mi tambor". My hands tap on a cajon, my hands are learning guaguancó and Alexander, my rumba teacher tells me off: "I said no, we're not going anywhere from here: we're in El Vedado quarter in La Habana." A flaking walls patio, quiet magic flies silently all over the place. Tre-do and Tumbaol's leather resound, Yambú and Columbia thunder, and immortal Clave beats again and again. Cracra, cra, cra cra: my drumsticks kick on two Sarten dancing to the lively Conga sound. I've forgotten where I come from: Now I am a rythm. Ochún and Eleguá are observing attentively after their self-made sweets party. A kid plays with no ball, quiet magic flies silently all over the place. Daniel Cros - February 2000

    Track Title Rhythm Lyrics
    1. Olumbanche
    2. Mi corazón está desierto de Arizona -lyrics-
    3. Señor cartero -lyrics-
    4. No me digas que te vas -lyrics-
    5. Sol y sombra -lyrics-
    6. Cuando te cruces en mi camino -lyrics-
    7. Barca sin mar -lyrics-
    8. Mi tambor -lyrics-
    9. Una botella llamada consuelo -lyrics-
    10. Cuatro colores -lyrics-
    11. Por arte de magia -lyrics-
    12. Luna mentirosa -lyrics-
    13. Reina de oros -lyrics-
  • Una de cal

    1998 ROSAZUL

    “Una de cal” was my second album which is now being distributed digitally and which I myself recorded at my home studio in Barcelona (Estudis SIlenci) to finally decide it would be the first and last time I would be doing it that way. You musicians who have done it, know what I’m talking about. It wasn’t distributed in shops at that time and had no airplay or coverage due to in that period I thought things would happen “By art of magic” (Which happened to be the title of my third album), without having to contact the media.

    Track Title Rhythm Lyrics
    1. En la palma de mi mano -lyrics-
    2. Más y más y un poco más (Ranchera) -lyrics-
    3. Tan lejos, tan cerca
    4. Vivir sin ti -lyrics-
  • Angel venido a mi ventana

    1995 ROSAZUL

    “Angel venido a mi ventana” (The angel that landed out of my window) was an intense, hard, alive experience which I self produced -as the following three albums I have produced until today - with over 20 guest musicians from all different backgrounds to play at Rod’s Music Studio in Barcelona, helped by the brilliant composing and arranging of Enric Palomar (In “Angel”, “Ni contigo” and “El canto de las ballenas”) and the infinite patience of Didier Richard as the sound and mix engineer, I decided to self-release this album after knocking on each and every label’s door at that time in Spain. Glad I made it: I learned a lot. The genres are diverse: there’s latin flavour, ballad, folkloric feel, pop, as free as I was and as I am, I did it my way.

    Track Title Rhythm Lyrics
    1. Sed
    2. La risa
    3. Con estas manos -lyrics-
    4. Doña Artura
    5. Angel venido a mi ventana
    6. El viaje secreto
    7. Veneno Antiguo
    8. Como una cerilla
    9. Mi primer llanto
    10. Ni contigo
    11. Lluvia ácida
    12. El canto de las ballenas -lyrics-